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Did you know that windows can effect the energy efficiency of your home by up to 40%? If you are losing money every month on your energy bill, give us a call and we can see if your windows are causing you issues.

Chipping off of That Very Expensive Electricity Bill Every Month

Energy efficiency isn’t just a new trend or fad that’s going around Longmont as well as the rest of the United States. It’s important to both the environment, and your wallet. If you were to rewind a couple of decades, you wouldn’t have heard about it as often, but today it’s almost a necessity with any residential and commercial property.

The problem with energy efficient windows is that not a lot of people quite understand what it is that makes them energy efficient. Even worse, the local window company they work with doesn’t always educate their customer on what they need to know about their windows to help them get the return on their investment.

At Longmont Window Company, you’ll never experience that problem. We’re more than happy to serve our neighbors here in Longmont, Colorado by installing new energy efficient windows in either their residential or commercial property. They’ll not only have it done at an incredibly affordable rate, but their energy savings throughout the years their windows are installed will help them receive a valuable return on them.

There are two major qualities that make the windows we sell at our window company energy efficient.

The first is keeping the outside temperature outside, and the inside temperature inside of the house through insulation. That means you need replacement windows that have a nice tight seal on them, and will keep that seal for years regardless of expansion, or contraction. Even with double hung windows that naturally have small unsealed areas to allow them to open freely, our expert installation technicians help keep air from leaking inside and out of your home.

The second is the plate of glass itself that the window company uses for the installation. They may all look the same, but they’re all slightly different, including their tint, depending on who the window manufacturer is. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference when you have powerful sun rays shining through it for hours every day. Longmont Window Company knows the importance of a good product better than anyone and gets nothing but the best with an Energy Star certification on each one.

One thing that not many people know about energy efficient windows is that if they meet a particular set of standards, then you could potentially earn tax credits for them!

As important as energy efficiency has gotten, and as much as it has been discussed, the United States government awards its property owners for it. To benefit from these tax credits issued for energy efficient windows, your windows have to meet very specific requirements. If you’re getting replacement windows, then there’s no reason not to take advantage of this to help get an even bigger investment return on your windows!

To find out more about energy efficient windows, and how we can help save you money, call us at Longmont Window Company today!

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