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Longmont Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Do you have a less than desirable sliding glass door that gets stuck when you try to open and close it? We can give you some options to choose from and get it back on the right track.

Let Natural Sunlight Illuminate Your Home with Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are not the most abundant type of doors, but if you know someone personally who has them, then you remember them. They can be incredibly convenient to let natural sunlight into your home, and easy access for you and your guests in Longmont.

Unfortunately, sliding doors are also a target for a lot of misconception that they either don’t last as long or need a lot of maintenance. This is because sliding doors have a lot of glass, and use rollers instead of hinges to open, and close.

The reality is, just like everything else it all depends on the manufacturer of the product, and the professional that installs it.

At Longmont Window Company, we don’t slouch when it comes to our products because it’s what our customers rely on a daily basis. That and the experts from our window company guarantee quality installation of any sliding doors, including sliding patio doors.

Before leaving any property in Longmont, we test the sliding doors we install as well as the locks that keep it secure. The last thing we want is for one of our neighbors to have a break in because the sliding doors our window company installed didn’t have a working locking mechanism.

Even though they are mostly made of glass, the sliding doors we install aren’t fragile. You couldn’t break the glass on them easily even if you were doing so intentionally. They’re made to withstand powerful hurricane-level storms so that you can count on them even in the most disastrous of times in Colorado.

It’s also an important factor since shattering the glass may be how an intruder may try to enter your home if they fail to get the break the lock on your sliding doors. As tough as the glass is, it’ll take a fair amount of time for an intruder here in Longmont to get inside of your home, and by then everyone in your home will be alerted. It’ll give you the additional time you need to call the local Longmont police to assist you.

You don’t have to have pre-existing sliding doors in your home to get them installed. If you like the idea of having your home illuminated by natural sunlight, or open up the house for fresh air, then sliding doors are the cheap alternative to a skylight. Even if you want to turn your backyard entry doors into sliding patio doors, our window company can help you make it happen with our affordable installation. Many people in Colorado shy away from that sort of construction in your home, but we won’t let outrageous prices stop you.

If you want your next set of replacement doors to be a set of sliding doors, then give us a phone call today! Longmont Window Company will send over experts that can give you both an accurate, and affordable estimate as soon as possible.

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